Life Lesson #03 : The Powerful Mind (The Senses of Wisdom)

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Indeed, every people in the world has the mind power to access the objective forward in their life. As it called as a normal life to whom deserved and blessed by The Mighty God. Meanwhile, it is also not every people really have the powerful one, whereas it operated in the perfect place and time. Condition is all about the reason which is made people changed; their perspective toward something, their imagination, intuition, ideas and every terms whereas laid within mind process.

For instance, while you can't cool down your emotional situation regarded the bad events. In this case, we knew the main processor whereas worked it was the Heart a.k.a feels, but! Beyond that, don't you really think! It is your mind who have the access or command to do so. So, the point is Change your mind view into something more better (reason) to control the situation till then the heart will followed the command.

Mind have the key to change our life, it just need you to manage and control it. For instance, let say about the story of one greatest man in history Albert Einsten while his friends mock and made Einsten like a fool. But by time come, Einsten proofed that he is the real man with all his contribution to mankind. Why it doesn't matter after all for Einsten through every mock or insult by his friend? I know what you thinking of, yup it is caused by the mind responsed. There's a significant different within intelectuallism thinking process with ordinary people thinking ideas. The smart people will process through their own styles called Positive Response, they analyze and try to find the better solution regarded the problems.

The exsternal issues which is intended toward them was only a pieces of ideas while they can turn it back in reality. Just like what Einsten did ny giving the best dedication to show that he capable without arrogant. I knew you will think the same, I wish so!

Lets back to the powerful mind where where everything elaborated & analyze first till then taking some conclusion is the way of intelectuallism.

The Powerful Mind is?


To know, is to know that you're no nothing.

If we go back to a long time ago history record stated that one man named Socratrs was the best man with all his contribution to humankind in defined life and thinking (Philosophy). That is true cause when you really understand that you know nothing, you will realized that social life is more important than your ego.

Besides, everyone have their choices but the truth is we can denied the absolutely understanding which is formed by mind. So, lets get back your truly mind work through activating as the main core function responses toward every external cases intended.


It is true based on what Al-Farabi quote, Philosophy is the sciences of wisdom whereas the mean element within was to think and activate the mind. While, he told in first line that is Art is the sciences to achieve the beauty, it is absolutely true caused every human being have it through varieties types and scale, and everything within the art was about the sense to entertain and educated mind (Creative, Imagination etc.) The point is every human being has the art flowed in their vein, the most important is the one who activate the true sense within. That is why philosphy was the best connectiok to the word of arts, caused its milestone to defines the truth based on the mind process.

Final Thought

Mind is the key to your life story lines, the mean is by how you see the mind itself flowed through yourself. The more thinking process involved within your social life, the more mind power you will made. It is caused by thinking your mind will train and be the great among the big. Taking the senses (emotional) into it was the best choices as it will your best method to support the mind.

What really important thing need to be underlined is *you must activate your mind power through every steps you plan or make. The powerful.mind is the mind whereas it worked by both element:

  • Thinking (Mind)

  • Senses (Emotional)

If both element worked cooperatively, then there is no nothing you will see as negative. Because, you elaborated and analyze deep through it till then you get to conclude everything you need.



Don't you think that is true!

Experience is the best teacher!

It is why the mind must active in define the quotes, especially in the word of experience and teacher. Then, let us combined between the picture above (quotes) and the one quotes followed. The value within both of quotes was The Powerful Mind Result in the end of story. It is why if you learn something worst from the past, you will be ready for the future caused that past was your teacher whereas taught you since you have it. While, the future is formeed based on your mind process in defined the experiences is the best teacher.

Just don't fall in the same hole (mistake) for second time, but try to avoid it! At least you stay away from it and try to the best solution based on your mind power. It is why AlFarabi mean that is philosophy is the sciences of wisdom, cause within you will lead your self through the Truly True part in life.

Thanks for your time!


I'm not professional, please correct me if I'm wrong! Just try to make the better world through my words.


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