To the younger generation; a message about life, responsibility, and having fun.

in life •  10 months ago

Jobs suck. We all know it, we all accept it, we all do them anyway. The secret is to find one thing about your job that doesn't suck, and learn to love that thing. Then, when some other part of your job sucks, you have that to look forward to or escape with.

Coworkers suck. Not all of them, but inevitable one or more of them. Ignore them, they're unimportant. If they're your boss, appease them and get out of their way. If you dwell on them they will ruin your day and you will end up forgetting that one thing about your job you loved.

I say this because I see so many of you thinking that somewhere out there the perfect job exists where you will love every aspect of it... it doesn't. I've looked, and in EVERY job there's going to be things you dislike... otherwise they wouldn't have to pay you for it and it would be a hobby. I've seen people say cliched things like make your hobby your job, etc... great way to ruin your hobby by making it work instead of fun.

Buckle down, get it done, find something to help you through your day, and in the end realize it is nothing more than a means to an end. You need to produce to consume, and consuming is fun. As such you need to work to have fun... get it out of the way and make up for it by having loads of fun AFTER work.

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