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RE: Fake News: How to Avoid the Information Apocalypse (Business Idea)

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Love this: “Insist on a single, collective reality we can all agree on. Insist on technology that supports the truth, because without it, our world, our economy, our whole governmental system, has no foundation, and we as a people will collapse.”

You should totally check out and apply to Y Combinator’s call for startups directly in this realm. Applications rolling:


Thanks @sean33paul, was going to reach out to you once I had a few more posts up. Trying to figure out how to put all these ideas out. Right now, starting with little ideas, so the big ones don't get lost in the slush, and once followers grow , start rolling out the big ones.

The idea for this post came while reading the Buzzfeed article, so I don't know about going all in on Y Combinator, but it'd be awesome to start consulting with startups tackling big ideas like this. Brainstorming and teasing out the possibilities of their big idea, and coming up with new ones that give them an edge. Do you have any advice on how to do that?

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