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Although it has been a mild winter here in north Idaho, March is still behaving like March: breezy, a mix of clouds and sun, snow showers (sometimes while the sun is shining), and plenty of mud underfoot. I have felt sluggish for several days, and wonder if the unsettled weather is somehow to blame. The first time I saw primroses for sale at a grocery store, I bought six of them to brighten the windowsill above my kitchen sink. I love the cheery colors!

20200305_200423 trimmed_1.jpg

I mentioned mud. Recently I stopped and took this next photo not too far from where I live. Due to the unusually warm winter, the road has been a big mess most of the last two months. It can't be graded until it dries up a whole lot more.


In addition to my usual routine of babysitting my granddaughter two days a week and taking my husband to an appointment once nearly every week, I've been in charge of costuming for yet another play. The last performance is over, and I have been doing the laundry, including 16 pairs of gloves. They do get sweaty and stinky!


And then there's the memoir class, which keeps me busy writing oodles of pages, most of which won't end up in Steemit, but now and then I'll post a segment, just for fun. Yes, my life is busy, but it is also quite interesting and I am rarely bored. I have books waiting to be read, a knitting project I haven't touched for days, a piano I haven't touched for weeks, and a very large jigsaw puzzle that is maybe 1/3 done and beginning to annoy me. I'm about to phone all my puzzle-doing friends and have them over for a tea-and-puzzle party!

All photos taken on my Android phone.


Oh, the flowers are pretty and really brighten up the room and mood. I am excited for warmer weather to arrive and I am sure you will be happy when the road dries up. What a mess. Have fun having fun SG!

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