My favorite German Songs #1: Die Ärzte, "Zu spät"

in life •  9 months ago

When you see two street musicians without a basket, you know they aren't in it for the money. It's a rare view, but if you had happened to walk past my friend Alex me and in the summer of `96, you would definitely know what it looks like.

To celebrate the end of a school week, we would grab an inexpensive guitar, an even cheaper redwine ("Viala", definitely not a sponsored post...) sit on the sidewalk and sing the following song:

"Why did you do this to me, a buddy told me youve got a new boyfriend now, I didnt do anyhting but cry for two entire weeks..."

The highlight, of course, is the chorus (G -- am -- C -- D):

"However, one day, I'll take revenge, I will break the hearts of all the girls around, at this point I will be a celebrity who is featured in the newspaper, and then you`ll regret it, but then it will be too late (zu spät)..."

I don't remember if any passer-by enjoyed it, but we sure did.

I still love Die Ärzte to this day, but I hardly listen or play "Zu spät" anymore, because by now I've heard it more times than I read the word "Satoshi" in the same sentence as "Bitcoin".

I assume it is the same with the Ärzte, who, since this song had made them famous had to play it at every concert.

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Are you planning to start doing the street music without basket again?


Haha, no, but I may record own of my own songs soon and offer a free mp3 download :)


Nice! :)

As long as you had fun playing on the sidewalk, that was the important thing.

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