Why are people living in poverty ?

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Poverty to an extent is mainly because of mismanagement. I agree that many people are born in poor families. I am from India and have seen the poorest of the poor. 

As a teenager, we used to go to an ashram in another state by train. When the train reached certain stations outside ours, small children, very poorly dressed and dirty to boot used to extend their hands for food packets. Seeing this, we used to give our food to them. The sight has not left my mind even now and I remember the poverty and how the kids missed education and had to beg for a living. 

To a large extent, many people are taught that it is okay to beg. That it is okay to live off others instead of working hard. the mindset should change. The youth should try to earn a living by learning skills and working instead of relying on government benefits alone. 

There are many success stories of people who have risen from the dust and made it big. Why not follow their lead.

If there is a willpower, a person can remove poverty. 

The attitude has to change. 

If there is a will to work hard and earn money and also save some of it, then poverty will vanish. Also, the person who feels he is poor should learn to manage his funds in such a way that he does not lose all of it. 

* do not gamble

* do not buy lottery tickets

* do not indulge in vices

* aim for bigger and better things

* envision your life in a better situation

* try to help others around you in a selfless manner

* never trust anyone with your money and papers

The above is true for able persons. For the differently abled, poverty should be removed with the help of governments and people who are willing to help.

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I have to disagree here! Yes work can help to keep food on the table but the truth is that poverty exists because the top 1% of humanity is raping the planet and making sure they stay in power to be able to do so.

Poverty is profitable and ensures people don't have time to think. fact most people who are wealthy do not work hard compared to their low income counterparts . Here in the U.S we have people who work 2-3 jobs that barely survive. no one works harder then they do but statistically they will remain poor until they die.

What needs to change is how resources are distributed and how we live as human beings. Education has a large factor in poverty poor families have less access to good education and those who do often cannot afford the luxury of getting educated as they need to fight to survive .

Yes there are lay people out there on this planet but it is not the majority of the poor , that is a myth propagated by the rich and successfully ingrained in our society to keep us from looking at the real issues at hand.

My family is very wealthy most of them are lazy, entitled and greedy . I have seen life from both sides of the fence and know very well how the game is played ...I just decided one day that i was not going to end up like them. the real leeches are at the top not the bottom ...


I have always wondered why the rich in the USA do not do anything to uplift the poor in their country. Some people announce their donations to third world countries but end up doing nothing for the poor in their own. It is sad indeed and I hope that someday crypto will be able to change the rules of the game. I appreciate that you decided to live according to your ideals. Stay blessed


It is not only the U.S it is europe as well most of my family is based there and we are originally from Russia ... it is the ruling class everywhere ... Another component is patriarchy... most matriarchal societies take care of their people even amongst animals ...look at bonobo culture versus chimpanzee culture the first is a peace loving race , chimps on the other hand wage wars literally and hunt other monkeys ...

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