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Being an extrovert I'm practicing to create good loving energy around me. I'm a kind of person who strongly believe in having good network of friends, coworkers, neighbors and any individuals connected in terms of love.

I'm the one who tries to help and connect people to the right contacts wherever possible. Also, interested in creating awareness on Cyber hygiene. People know me as an outgoing character because I’ll be the one who interacts initially with anyone.

I Take risk in learning, experience new things which attracts me more. However, I love myself the most investing time in the following,

  • Discovering my own version of Truth
  • Teaching what I know
  • Doing what I love to do
  • Improving My Physical fitness
  • Establishing Any individual talents.
  • Uplifting each other.
  • Knowledge sharing.
  • Exploring my true selves.
  • Generating good thoughts among everyone
  • Spreading good habits
  • Practicing equality
  • Experiencing humanity that, care about other species too.
  • Searching for Greenery environment.
  • Building an atmosphere where people are happy to Say that, they "Love You"
  • Installing intentions to help/support/give
  • Raising Awareness on "Self Help is the best Help"
  • Helping the best to make earth a better planet to live
  • Telecasting individual inner talents to this existing world which can solve any people challenges.
  • Aspired in creating a team which create solutions for all existing challenges in this universe.

Apart from this, I'm a Good Friend, Philosopher, Supporter, Video editor/blogger, Cyclist. I also play Chess, Kabaddi, Volleyball & Badminton.

My Ideal World:

Surrounded with peace, no caste, no religion, no crimes, no hunger death, no honor killings, no poverty and a society/community where people uses technology only for its purpose.

World I like to Experience:

I would like to experience and be responsible for creating money free world where people are treated equally, a planet of greenery, sustainability, inner peace, world family, Global consciousness Education. A planet where all communities gather & sit together for Dinner.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/amazinghumanbeing
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/amazinghuman.in 2. Steemit -2.jpg


Welcome to Steemit from Indonesia, this is an amazing platform for creativity and imagination. Share, comment and make friends

Thank you so much. :)

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