People Aren't Like Sheep, They're WORSE | Plus How To Fly First Class FREE

in life •  6 months ago

This is a rant that's been brewing for years.

You always hear the phrase "people are sheep", or "the sheeple"

And yeah, granted, people do stupid things. How often do they simply follow the rules laid out for them... like the lines at the airport?

But... are people really sheep?

Honestly? I've hung out with sheep, and I'd say we're WORSE. We have MORE of the herd mentality.

In this video I talk about why.

I also drop a quick travel hack for how to sneak into first class for free! Pay attention or you might miss it.

Muchos love.

"People aren't sheep. People are aspiring to be sheep one day. Sheep are teaching us lessons on how to f*cking do things. That's the level that humanity is actually at."

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I am Human, and I aspire to be Sheep!