How to approach God

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How to approach God

How to approach God

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1 Bring near to God by statutes

2 Approaching to Allaah by the Noble Quraan

3 Tips to get closer to God

4 References Approaching to God by duty The Muslim must train himself hard to perform the obligatory and accustomed to do it, such as the five daily prayers, Zakat, Ramadan fasting, Hajj of the house, and the other obligations of the parents, the performance of the rights of husband and children, Islam and His Messenger and believers, and fear of God and trust him, and that the Muslim to leave and avoid the acts of taboo such as adultery, theft, injustice and drinking wine, and absenteeism and gossip, and other taboos that require repentance and reform when they come.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Himself and a direct reason to win the satisfaction of God and his love, and raise his position,

[2] It was narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "What is close to me is a slave, like the performance of what I have assumed, and my slave is still drawing near to me, so that I may love him. If I love him, I will hear him and hear him. And if he asks me for his help, and if I am hesitant to obey him, and what I have said about something I do, I am reluctant to capture the soul of my servant the believer, he hates death, I hate his evening, and he must have it. ),

[3] The scholars have divided this naafil into absolute nawafl, and nawaafel is restricted, so the divorced woman has sufficient intention to pray. The kaafir is naafil, which is prescribed by the Muslim according to the statutes. And two after dinner, and can pray four before dinner.

[4] It is also mentioned from the naafil prayers of Witr prayer, which is a confirmed Sunnah performed after the evening prayer. It is permissible to limit it to one rak'ah or to increase it. It is better. The Prophet was wailing three, seven, five, seven, eleven or thirteen. It is reported that it is more ethereal,

[5] In addition to the Duha prayer, Eid prayer, Eclipse prayer and the prayer of asceticism, and absolute naafil is not limited to a number that the Muslim can perform at any time other than times of disrespect

(6) Tips to approach God can draw close to God Almighty by several means, such as follow the year of Muhammad peace be upon him, and leave the innovation, and strengthen God in secret and public, and spend money for his face, and kindness and patience, and trust in God. [7] References ↑ "Approach to God", Islam Q & A,

21-12-2017, see it on 31-12-2017. Acting. ↑ Dr. Saleh bin Ali Abu Arad, "Nawafil .. Nawafl

"The benefits of naafil prayer, and the types of naafil" ("The benefits of naafil prayers" and "types of naafil" , Islam Web, 13-6-2002, read it on 31-12-2017, by acting ↑ "How to pray Witr", the official site of the Imam of Imam Ibn Baz, see it on 31-12-2017 ↑ "Types and mattresses Sunan and Nawafl "Islam Web, 9-12-2002, see it on 31-12-2017." Yahya bin Mousa al-Zahrani, "How to win the love of God Almighty", hunting benefits, see it on 17-1-2018. .

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