Dancing boys in Europe !!

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Perhaps some of you have heard about dancing boys or locally called "BACHA BAZI" in Afghanistan.But have you ever heard of this occurred in Europe?Before telling you about that let me explain to you what is bacha bazi or dancing boys means.


Bacha bazi literally "boy play" (arrives from bacha=child and bazi=game) is a term in Afghanistan for a large number of different activities which involve sexual relations between older men and younger adolescent men, or boys. The practitioner is commonly called bacha Baz meaning "boy player". It usually consists of sexual exploitation or slavery and child prostitution.


As a humanitarian worker and cultural mediator i have been working with a partner organization of united nations since 2016.One day during my work shift in the border area of Serbia near Macedonia a 5 membered Afghan family arrived in the refugee camp where by there were only the male members of the family.To reach Serbia they have traveled thousands of miles by walk from Afghanistan running from Taliban terrorism.

A portrait of dancing Bacha(child)

After the all the procedures were finished we have settled them down in a small house inside the camp.The youngest member of the family were so shy and very hard to communicate with.after few days have passed once they arrive in the camp all of a sudden i found out that M.H(the youngest member member of that family aged 15) was sitting alone and crying at one corner in the camp.I approached and asked the reason of his crying.He ran away without giving any answers.after few days i found him at the same place crying again.All of a sudden i realize something is not going right.

A refugee family happy after got reunited in the camp

I informed my colleagues what has been going on so far with that underage guy.As our organization were responsible for those who are alone on their journey,we did not have authority to involve in this situation as he was with his family.But we went in and tried to do an interview with him.on his first interview we could not even communicate few words with him as he was so disturbed.On our second attempt we succeeded to communicate with him and assured him that we will help him anything he needs for.he opened up.Then we have heard the most shocking stories of our life so far.

Small houses in refugee camp

A young boy of 15 years old with his family was supposed to be safe.But his 2 brothers from his aunts were main culprits.since the day they have arrived those two brothers have made up a group with other Afghani guys in the camp unknown to everyone and started to practice "bacha bazi" at night when everybody sleeps.

A Bacha baz( boy player) and bacha(child)

Those two brothers were forcing him to dance naked for them when all others are watching are men and drunk and as soon as his one dance is finished one by one had started to make physical contacts in other words raping him threatening with a knife that he will be killed.The poor little guy was getting sexually exploited almost every night since he arrived in this refugee camp.He was forced to do all kinds of sexual activity as desired by those sick audience watching his dance and he was bound to do so.

TalibanDancingBoys (1).jpg
A Bacha Baz(boy player)

This lasted for three months.His father was unknown to this situation and once he came to know he reported against his nephews and all those men who were involved to the proper authority.Although Bacha bazi is forbidden by the government of Afghanistan,there are people who are still doing this evil practice in Afghanistan and now in Europe. Child health, mental growth and above all their rights are in danger because of this evil practice in some parts of Afghanistan.


Proper actions had been taken against those who had maltreated the under age boy according to the law and proper medical guidance and psychological support is being offered to that child and his safety has been ensured by the authority.

PS: This is a true incident and because of not disclosing the identity of victim i have used his name's initials only.This incident occurred in one of the refugee camps in Serbia.


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