Learn How to Change Your Destiny Before It Is Too Late

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Have you ever noticed how your conscious mind dominates your unconscious mind? It seems like there are certain things that you say, do and think that you cannot do without thinking about them. And when you want something most of the time, you seem to be almost desperate for it and the words just don't seem to fit in your mind. Then, what do you think that you might have said or done that made it impossible? Until you make the conscious mind aware of its mistakes, it will always control your life and thus you will label it destiny.

The conscious brain is just a tiny portion of our whole body. Much larger is the subconscious mind that controls and regulates your body, keeps your heart beat in order and does all those little tasks to keep you well and healthy. You get energy from eating right, sleeping and exercising. You get more creativity from solving problems by using your subconscious mind. But the more you learn to harness the power of your unconscious mind, the more you can improve the quality of your life. In this article I will teach you how to harness your unconscious mind and use self talk positively.

Self talk is the language of your subconscious mind. It's the way you programme yourself and how you talk to yourself about yourself in the mirror each day. Self talk is the language of your subconscious mind. Until you make the conscious part of your brain aware of its behaviour, your subconscious mind will do all the other work. It's like being constantly programming your self image with positive self talk until you start to believe that you are a successful person with a fulfilling life.

When you programme your self image with positive, destiny changing ideas, your subconscious mind will immediately begin making new, positive, destiny altering thoughts. Your subconscious conscious mind is your map for your future. Most people don't even know that their subconscious is their guide to their future destiny. If you feel that something bad is going to happen in the future, your unconscious will give you some kind of warning. Most of the time you will get an alarm, but if you are lucky, your subconscious will give you a sign.

So, if you have a negative destiny and it's all a bit depressing, what can you do? Until you make the conscious mind aware of its behaviour, your unconscious is going to take over and direct your destiny. It's like having an ice berg. They look pretty harmless, but you know that if you do not remove the ice berg, they will damage your walls and eventually destroy your roof. Once you remove the ice berg, the problem goes away, but you had to remove the ice berg by working at it. You cannot put it back again without removing it first.

You need to identify your personality type before you can change your destiny. Each personality type has a set of behaviors that it employs in a variety of circumstances. For example, there is a personality type called "Theiser". This personality type is oriented towards controlling others and making demands on them. "Nestlers" are people who value stability; they like routine and repetition.

When you learn how to listen to your own inner voice, you can change the way you behaviour and your destiny. The way you behaviour is controlled by your unconscious mind depends on your personality type. You can change your destiny when you learn how to control your own unconscious mind. You should understand that this is not possible with the mainstream education system, because your education is all about being a victim. Most psychologists believe that we were born victims and we should have learned to become immune to being victims.

When you want to change your destiny you must start to become self-aware. You must be aware of what is happening to you mentally, emotionally and physically. You have emotional needs that are dictated by your personality type and they cannot be changed. Your unconscious conscious knows these things and if you want to get rid of negative behaviour patterns, you must learn how to listen to your inner self and you must identify the emotional needs that are being ignored.

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