Suicide- Be kind always... You may just save someone's life.

in life •  8 months ago

Here, in the UK, there has been a lot in the media recently about suicide.

It is not a new thing.

We should remember that we never know the insides of someone's mind, we are never aware of someones pain or suffering unless they tell us, and we should all know by now not everyone wants to talk about such a thing that still, sadly, in this day and age holds a stigma. For someone who has battled with depression and anxiety over the years, I can say personally that it is hard to articulate what you want to say, and that's only if you can summon up the courage to say it in the first place.

We should all be more aware of the struggles people face.

A final thought...

It should be common sense that if someone is struggling, and you know it, to be extra kind and supportive of that person. We are all too busy sometimes to make time, and I am not excluding myself in that statement, but we should make more of an effort.

Depression is a BITCH, anxiety is a BASTARD, and they can both be KILLERS. 

Be kind always... You may just save someone's life. 

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