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in life •  4 months ago


Yep...being satisfied and contended with what you have is the main key to happiness . We don't need a pursuit of happiness. We just need to realize the simple truth that we need to be contented at some point. We need to know and differ wants & needs. Or else, we will be spiraled down to the orchrasted rhytm of an uncontented, unsatisfied and a frustrated life.

You will need money..everyone does. But it can't exhaust..it can't finish "all the wants" you have. It will increase ever..ever increasing each day..after each success..after each victory. And it's not just about the money too..because no matter what or how much money you have in your wallet or your bank account. The key is to know..at what point..at what amount of money, success, creditability of your life..you are contended with. Without that... it's a never ending runaway..where the fuel to your car won't end ever.

The Runaway being "your quest..your search or pursuit for happiness"..the Fuel being "all the things you do to reach it" and the Car being "your life"

So.. let's know when it's enough for us. It's dead simple..but hard to figure out. Am still sorting out my stuffs as well.


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