A Blackforest Frappe and a regular cuppacino with extra cream...

in life •  3 months ago


Well..we just went for a ride..and went to a cafe called "Strawberry fields". We tried this Blackforest Frappe and a Cuppacino with extra cream on it. It was refreshing and delicious as well.

We had some chicken Sandwiches as well..with the cafe.

The weather was damn cool..and so was she. We had some great moments...

We fight a lot..and smile a lot too... 😉


With 💗..
... ilLusivesAm

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Provocative. The madness.


Me refiero al Blackforest Frappe se ve delicioso... lo de "La locura" (expresión coloquial) así hablamos en mi país cuando observamos o degustamos algo de exquisito sabor, color, presentación y aroma.


Aww...thank you 😊