Today, I got everything I dreamed of in just 2 hours

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Yesterday I finished my new novel. Well... at least the draft is now out for the beta readers. A big adventure and discovery I can tell you. In a way I'm doing this all for the first time, and I feel like a baby who learns to walk.

Anyways. I thought I give myself a break yesterday evening and I downloaded a random Football Manager game on my mobile (I would have downloaded FIFA, of course - that's what the boy within me would have chosen 😛 but internet and technology limitations have other rules here.)

But that simple game was okay too. Basically you have to manage and build your team and win the league. Pretty simple. And kinda fun (even though Orsi couldn't understand why I was spending time on this).

The only problem: I almost had no budget to buy good players. And to get more budget you have to actually spend real money. And for me that wasn't really the option.

So I stayed poor for a day and tried to manage my team with all my powers, dreaming of a way to have more budget.

But TODAY, I went to a café-place and spent around 2 hours modifying and hacking the game. Haha...And: I MADE it.

Bad boy, I know. But now I finally had unlimited money in the game. Immediately, in my enthusiasm I invested in the best players and stadiums and... everything.

The result: The game became so freaking boring. After 10 min I stopped and told myself that it was much nicer, more exciting when I was being a poor soccer manager (aka. me, 20min earlier).

It reminded me to how ironic this all is. I really thought it was all about the money. Once I had it, it all just became so lame.

Moral of the story: If you want to experience that having "everything" is not everything then play video-games in "cheat mode".
Moral of the story 2: The quick and easy fix and success is so unsatisfactory, that I uninstalled the game.

I'd rather spent the time to slowly build up my team. But now it's perhaps time to spend my time with things which "nourish" me a bit more - like... going outside and throw a stick for my dog. 😉

wishing you a great Sunday! :)

Below the weekly summary, enjoy and until soon.

Love you guys!!

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