The train is rolling again.

in life •  7 months ago

It's Sunday, Orsi is out of house - unexpected work. And I'm sitting on the front porch, starting a new project.

Since I've sent out the manuscript of my new novel, I have to admit, I felt a bit empty. Imagine, over a period of almost 7 months, you spend every single day writing that one story. And then, from one day to another - boom - it's gone.

Before I realised, I've built some kind of a relationship with the characters and the story itself. And when they were gone it almost felt like I was missing something.

This past 2 weeks I've spent by basically reading books, comforting myself that it was a well deserved holiday. However, after a few days - I was bored or maybe better: Somehow purposeless.

Today, I just couldn't stand it much longer and I started a new book.

It feels good to have a project and perhaps "doing something", is the medicine for my soul. As long as I create something even if it feels hard sometimes. It's such a great feeling to go to bed in the evening and say: I did my best today.

My conclusion: Holiday is great. For a while. But life-long holiday would perhaps suck the life out of my skin. As long as I create something I feel this sense of "yeah, I'm functioning somehow!"

On days where I'm in a slump, meaning; when I don't feel like doing anything I notice the same. I often don't feel that great on those "lazy days". And it's often the greatest burden to just start something. Like a train that hadn't been rolling for a while. But once found just a little motion, once made just a little step, and then another one, and another one the momentum often becomes too powerful to resist.

So, with that said - 🙂 It's Sunday. And I'm on the train again. 😉


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Great start on your new book!:) Holidays are good. I agree on lazy days will make you lazier~~haha. All the best for your manuscript!

Keep the momentum while you have it. That way when you have a 'lazy' day it's ok because you're staying balanced with what you love to do and need to do.