Lessons from a 4k mountain climber

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After I told my father about my new book - a story about a boy who leaves his hometown for the first time in his life to climb a mountain he shared with me a few sentences about an old friend of his.

Grown up between the mountains in Switzerland he climbed several 4k mountains. Meaning: Mountains 4000m + above sea level.

It's a straining tour. Each time a play with life and death - a real adventure.

But what was also interesting: Once at the top, and despite the long straining climb, mostly the adventurers spend only about 15 minutes up there. Perhaps eat something. Enjoy the view. And then pack their luggage and prepare for the descent.

Why on earth would someone risk his life, and climb his way up for hours - for - 15 - minutes?

There must be something within the climb itself. Even if it is nasty, challenging, cold, dangerous. Once at the top we seek for the next challenge.

As if the "top" was a signpost which gives direction - but once reached the target, every signpost becomes meaningless. We will move on.

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