Closer - Pulling me in - Traction.

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I took a sip, a lick, a smile.
Took the road right to the end of the mile.
The dance was too short, that snark retort.
Of swished fabric exiting stage left.

Gypsy cunning.

No matter, all of the lovelies come back at the end.
All of the paths converge on the bend.
Where the track turns back towards the start.
When reaper will still swiftly throbbing heart.

That handle too hot to grasp.

The lady will never age again, this woman will live to the end.
Set in stone in entreating pose.
Atop the lap of an uncaring suitor.
I never had your bests interests in mind.

Care not for the fallen

Death comes for you all, no matter the cost and call.
A mark slapped on another's neck wont divert the guillotine.
A final sharp intake before the severance pay.
Then no motion but slowly spreading vitae.

I'll take my fill

We took each step fully, embraced the day and seized the night.
No need to be fearful, no need for fright.
This is the final cup to be tipped over, the last hurrah on a cooling stage.
The lights are dimmed, it's time to come home..

Why won't you come home?

I'm waiting

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