Being Uniquely Different

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Each time you try to copy someone's lifestyle or imitate them, the best you can end up with is being second. This is because, no matter how neatly done a photocopy is, it cannot be as the original copy. There is a measure of something different that is deposited in everyone and it is in the discovery of it that you create your impact.

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We are all different, not just in face, character, attitude, but also in personality makeup. Having the knowledge of your difference will make you to understand that you are not meant to compete with or against someone else but you are to use your difference to complete them. This is the reason the old saying goes:

There is always unity in diversity

In a human body, for example, no part of the body struggles with the other for function - they all know their individual function and they perform them for the greater good of the body. Imagine if the eyes begin to take the function of the nose, the whole body will be confused and will not function properly. Or if the mouth gets angry with the stomach and refuses to take in food, the whole body will be weak including the same mouth.

In the same way, in life, there is a place you are meant to function effectively and any deviance in that may lead to untold struggles. No matter how bad someone is, there is still something he will be good at, so do not be too quick to conclude someone as useless.

A fish will not experience difficulty existing inside water because that is what it is designed to do. However, if you bring out that fish to the land, then existence becomes futile. In the same way, for you to fulfil your purpose, you have to know the purpose you are meant to fulfil. The truth is, you cannot fulfil what you do not have knowledge about.

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If you do not look inwards to discover the purpose for which you were meant to fulfil, someone outside there will engage you to help them to fulfil and actualize their own. Note this; there is no one without something they can offer to the world. However, you need to put in some work in order to unleash them.

Most times, success may demand that you stand alone in order for you to stand out and then you will become outstanding. When you do what the rest of the world do in the same way they do it, then do not expect to have a result different from their own. If you need a different result, then it is demanded that you try out something different.

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Peace on y'all

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