These 3 question marks are leading me to the darkness, Its uncertain or a problem ?

in life •  2 years ago 

These are the 3 questions that i have for myself.
It always puzzled me why i became sick, Is that from got to take revenge of my sins? and an enigma of fate is also a Question for me. Whether everything is written in fate or man can make his own destiny? and what is eternal or from where everything came from?

3 questions with myself.jpg

I'm sure everyone of you once marely have thought of such ambiguities.

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@samhenry, there are mixed opinion. I believe that everything is well-written before you were born. We believe it or not whatever happens in our lives are already schedule to be happened in right time. Nothing comes before time.

Well said @KnowKrish

no it's not a punishment,
when GOD is happy with HIS human then he give him sickness,