Watching dad paint the house for the coming Chinese New Year

in #life3 years ago

The last time we painted the grill was 10 years ago. I remember because I was 16 when we renovated the house. Today, dad decided to go with some "special effects paint" (idk what's the exact name of this type of shiny paint) to make the grills look somewhat antique.


Not sure if you can see it from here. Our grills and gate are going from boring brown to bling bling bronze.


Painting it ourself because we need to save money. One litre for RM40 only.... just got a tin from the hardware shop, pour a bit into container, and start painting.


New year new grill btchessss ✌


It is remember able for every religions. Nice enjoy your Chinese happy new year.

Looks like your dad is a professional paint

Yo, you might wanna check if that paint is good for cooking. Idk shit but it's better safe than sorry. High heat can create vapor from the paint and that shit seeps into your meat.
Isn't that the reason people don't repaint their grill, they just buy a new one?

Oh, and toss me your best pickup lines. Sexual innuendos are good, too. I got a date in 12 hours.

I guess dad is good at painting... @sam.hsuu.
He is making the house looks more attractive.

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