8 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Daily life obligations makes people more susceptible to stress and depression, but with a few simple steps they can change a lot in their world and give themselves what they deserve.



add movement to your daily life .Go around, clean your house , stimulate your mind and muscles together to keep your mental and physical indolence

2- Drink water

Water is the foundation of our bodies because it , literally ,affects every cell and organ in our body . Make sure your day begins with drinking two cups of water . Even if you do not feel thirsty, your body always needs to take enough water
(i'm still working on this one )

3- Good sleep


Brain secretes certain hormones which Improves memory and brain performance at specific hours of the night (only when we are asleep )

4- Five meals a day

Eating an average of 5 meals a day is the secret to a healthy body : 3 main grains + two light meals between them

5- Always take care of your look


Good appearance gives you more strength and self-confidence wherever you are. Never..never neglect your appearance.

6- be emotionally generous

Do a good job everyday for someone. No matter how simple it is .. you will soon feel the beauty of giving and the amazing effect it brings to yourself and your life.

7- Smile and enjoy life


Make every minute of your day a pleasure because time can't be bought. If you are in a bad situation and don't know what to do, smile and let life gives you what she has . Enjoy everything you do, no matter how small it is

8- communicate more

Interact and communicate with those around you : Ask, smile, and salute even in the simplest ways and words and it will ensure you a happier and better life.