Severe flooding strikes jakarta,indonesia

in life •  10 months ago

Severe Flooding Strikes Jakarta, Indonesia; More Storms to Follow – Widespread flooding inundated Jakarta, Indonesia, Sunday night through Monday night, and more storms this week threaten to worsen the situation.

Flooding quickly ensued Sunday night through Monday night in Jakarta as persistent rain and thunderstorms unleashed 300 to 450 mm (12 to 18 inches) of rainfall. On Tuesday, nearly 6,000 people were evacuated from parts of Jakarta.

Runoff from the rain flooded dozens of roads and severely affected public transportation.

The TransJakarta busway was forced to halt operations on half of its corridors Monday morning, while train services were disrupted.

Flood waters reached up to 60 cm around the Presidential Palace and the National Monument and brought a rapid rise on the Ciliwung River.

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