I can live without me Can not live without you .. Lapui Bepi

in life •  10 months ago

31143849_382387445611246_9166553948094447660_n.jpgThe edge and words are:

###Yourwaterytide is filled with water
I hold on my chest
I'm in the tide of your tide
Protect you from annoyance
I am drying up and drying
Just save you.
How many boats on your chest,
How many fish basar baskare basare average
The bumper yield of Irie Boror is not just about
How many worms live in insects and swims in you
Feel free to forget me.
Your life balance
I was the fence
But you are well groomed, except you.
If you do not ring your yard
You get swollen floods
If we do not sacrifice
You lose the sea in the sea.
Your house is decorated with a matchScreenshot_2018-04-30-22-04-49.png of Melabandan
My breakdown sounds as much
It's all a ghost bajra.

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