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In my childhood, I was in my village house, once my parents married me with my cousin. After marriage, I moved to Dhaka with my husband. Later, in the new market, Nayanagar my son-in-law rented a house with me. After a few months, I met a man named Alauddin. The man used to come and go to the next house.

I have a relationship with Alauddin in 2013. I did not know he was addicted. He did not do anything he wanted to forcibly come to me for a while.

One day I found Alauddin's mobile to catch ... a picture without clothes in my body. After that he took me several blackmails with the picture. Later, I kept that memory in my house with pictures. How does it fall into my husband's hand? After that my husband divorced me. After all, I went to my father.


Later, Alauddin's previously known Aklima Begum called me again by phone. After the call I went to aklima.

I could not go back to my father to Aklima. On the other hand, the husband also divorced. Then Alauddin took Aklima along with me to the Kazi office. Then on March 9, 2014, I got married with Alauddin. About a month after the marriage, I was in Aklima's house. Then Aklima hired a house in Humayun Kabir in Saidnagar, but we used to eat food at Aklima's house. However, Alauddin would have had a different time in the night at all. There were quarrels about these issues. So he beat me a lot.

However, in the Aklima's house, I did not bring any other girls, but Alauddin said. Again his friends also came to the office. The rent was charged 500 to 1000 rupees.

Then I tell my jamy that you will not do these things and do not have any contact with Aklima. But these things again told Alauddin Aklima. Aklima said these things to Alauddin's elder wife again. Even our wedding talk too. Later Alauddin's elder wife and Sala pressed her to give me away. Later, my second husband threatened to divorce me.

But it was a sort of planned plan for them. Because then I got the inspection. Many times Aklima used to do many things to drop my baby. But I did not ruin my baby. Alauddin does not take care of me for a while in this way. Alauddin himself said to say something, I told him two lakh taka Dimu divorces also Dimu

There is no way of getting justice in the Mahalla people. Let me tell you not to divorce. But she will divorce me. Then I went to her sala greens and said everything open. Alauddin beat me a lot after getting this news. Dhaka is a mediocre reliever. After being cured I asked to do bad things. If not, go away.

Later, I went home to my house in Mirpur at 11:30. While there, I filed a dowry case. Alauddin can know it again. Later I met a known girl of her. Then the girl was looking for my inquiry.

One day I told him to arrange a job. He also says to come. I went and saw my husband Alauddin there. Again I went from there to Aklima's house. When I entered the house of Aklima, I saw her elder brother's brother, Sabuje. Seeing him will solve the topic. But they both folded my legs and went away.

Then the green night raped me. Later in the morning, Aklima's son-in-law Faruk came and raped her. Later on 11pm another person came and did the same thing. Then I became unconscious. Later, he ran away from there and admitted to Dhaka Medical College. After staying there nine days, I went to the house of the resident again.

Later, they were arrested in my case. But the laws of our country! He comes out of bail. Now I am scared in different ways. I want to judge me ... I have not received any trial even after being so damaged. The witnesses who fear them also scare them. No Assamese were arrested in the new case. Where will i go now


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