without you

in #life3 years ago

IMG_20180323_103602.JPGLonging to play in the soul
Tease my desert season
Dragging me drown
In the long haul ...

This pain
Stabbing my days
The second time I wait
Count of suffering
Full of ...

Should I fall
Tika a sharp dagger
Piercing my body ...

Can I stand up?
When this kind of personality
Alone without you
Overlooks the funeral
Prolonged ...

Can I speak?
Suppose this inner scream
Isolated in room closed
Without any sympathy ...

The one million that you left behind
In front of my eyes
A million fretted handles my steps
Is there just an illusion to you ...?

Memories after memory
Be with you first
Screwed my soul
Can I?
Delete all the stories
Can I?
Expelling seconds as beautiful
Flowering season in the park


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