the illusion of choice

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Rip for all the people who somehow changed the destination of the world , those who made history by fighting for freedom ..Rip for them all ,cause in the last decad they seem really dead , they did, inside of us , we are no longer completing what they already started "no-slavery " ,probabely because slavery lately took another form ,so we become the new version of slavery without even realizing that we are one ...
to start i want to enlight some facts about humain being's nature

  1. First things first ,social experiments proved what we called " Monkey sees Monkey do " whish means that we think that what most of other people do is the right thing to do , so we do it , because unconciously it makes us feel safe and secure
  2. Second thing is that our unconsciousness can see what we think we didnt see and hear also what we think we didn't heared ,consider it as a lot of computers analyzing each thing that happen in our reality without being aware about it
    3.Third thing is that our five sens can trick us sometimes , for exemple if something takes anthore shape and another color we can begain to like it ,knowing that it s the same exact thing that we disliked in the beginning .

so you 're probabely wondering what's all this has to do with slavery ?
well , as we all know , there s some people ,that we dont see so often in the media , but they do exist in the behind of everything ,because they own most of leader companies in the world (espacielly Media's companies) .now, i dont have anything against those people but the thing is that they use their power to control people's life style , by understanding the psychologie of us and use it against us ?
Because we like to do what others do as i already said ,so for exemple if you see a friend of yours with a new T-shirt that you saw on instagram or faceebook ,you'll definitely start building the idea of desiring the same , and the possibelty of you buying that T-shirt will grow .they know also how our unconsciousseness works ,so they spend fortunes in the publicity , you think "okey , i dont even look at it " but imagine you walking in a summer hot day in Califournia city , you walk across an advertisement signage , you didn't see what was in it , but still ,that's what you think , not what acually happen . your unconsciousness did saw it ,so when you felt thirsty ,you went to a specific shop to buy a drink ,in front of you you have a big fridge full of drinks and you 'll have to choose ,automatically your unconsciousness will make a list of the possible choices , and one of it will certanily be the drink you think you didn't saw in that advertisement signage ,and the possiblity of you buying it will also grow ..there s also this thing about the marketing , how colors and shapes can change everything .for exemple you want to buy a product and you see the product number 1 , you look at the card in the bottom with white background color and in the middle there 's 9$ ,then you take a look at product number 2 , they are almost the same quality but this time you see card with red background color and in the middle ** 8
.99$ ...are they the same ?
no ! they are not , there s red color that mean
"danger! you should really buy me "', *and there 's the 8 that's bigger then the rest , whish makes you belive that this product number 2 is shipper ., but in fact it's just an another illusion *

the brands , techonolgie , fashion , beauty ... are we using this or are they using us ?

let's just think about it , imagine if i gave you 3 doors A , B and C and you 'll have the choice to choose whatever you want because cong! you are free....okey ? you made the choice ? Great ! let me crash your heart by syaing that it was me who gave you the three choices in the first place ,so no matter what you choose it was me the owner of them . Same thing happen when you are confused whish car you want to buy or whish shooes you should choose think that u have the choice but not acuetly you have the choice of what they chooses already for you

finally i think we are born to be free , to make our own choices, to understand what really beauty means , and to feel what happiness is without living with the illusion that we need more then what we really need , we are enough , we have a whole univers inside of us , and the journey of life should being by searching for who we really are not who they want us to be , i think that creativity begain when freedom begain .. see all the great people in the world was creative because they had different ideas , like Galilée , who had a totel different idea then the whole society in his time "that the earth turn around the sun ",they killed him because they didn't belive him ,because he was different and being different mean dangerous...for that we need to change our perspective of being different .

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I do totally agree asky :=) remembered how you explained this to furkan in cafe du livre :) Thank you for showing such complicated reality so simple clear for everyone ! Lofeelyyyyyy💟

thank you love <3
yaa good memorey asky :D
lofeely you too

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