Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living! (About being grateful)

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I've been noticing something in my (and some others) everyday routine that I am going to turn around in a positive way!
The image below is the repetitive view I get day in day out and to be honest, most of all action troughout the day contains more or less repetitive actions.


We are living in a world where one has to make a living to pay taxes, feed your familly and so on and so on. Now one could easily get a negative feeling about dragging oneself to work each day and complain to him or herself about this every day routine. But one could also turn those thought into possitive feelings. Let me explain!
FullSizeRender 2.jpg
My escalator view day in day out

If you continiously talk to yourself and others in a negative way, the only path you and others are walking is the downwards negative spiral. But if you bend these thoughts and sayings into other feelings you enjoy every day! It really isn't that hard. If you just can accept your day tot day routine for what it is but add something in favor of a good feeling you will eventually like it every day.

Find possitives in potential negatives
What I have done to make my day start a little better every day is take a little more time for myself before rushing to work. I every day enjoy a nice cup of self made espresso. Man that jumpstarts the day already in a good way. Than on my way to work I think of a topic for the whole day and when at workk I try to find music which I can put on my headphones which represents the topic I just made up for this day. Really people that is already half a day gone afte4r which I turn to thoughts about dinner and starting my Green Egg almost every evening.

I really believe in "lifeisforliving"! So while accepting the days for what they are I feel free about thinking about fine things in life and some things I'd like to accomplish in life eventually. For most people that is hard because they tend to think about what the don't have instead of being grateful of what the already have of worthy things in life!

It really keeps me motivated that I have a very nice family and that me and my wife can give everything my little daughter needs in life. And for the future, I just keep thinking and working to be free! But when writing all this, strangely I already kinda have the feeling of being free. It is all about living the life in the NOW.

Wow I enjoy every bit of life at the moment and so should you! And do know, without getting into specific details, I've gone throug a bit of misery myself.


I guess this post really isn't that much about working but hope you get my point.

Have the greatest day fellow Steemians!

Working nine to five - Dolly Parton


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Great lookout on live be positive and influence other in that manner!


Thanks! I really like to influence people in a good way

Awesome perspective I love it!
😊 Gotta keep it positive.