Steampunk Winter Ball!!

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Steampunk Winter Ball!!

My wife works at the Pretoria School for Cerebral Palsied Learners, once a year in the middle of winter they have a themed Winter Ball to raise funds for the school. This year the theme was Steam Punk and on the photo above you can see the two of us all dressed up for the occasion. The ball takes the form of a dinner, with a local South African singer as entertainment, and as it is a Ball some dancing taking place. They normally also have an auction of various donated paintings and other art pieces to raise some much needed funds for the school.
The tables were decorated exquisitely, as can seen above, each table also had a collection of cheeses and biscuits for us to feast on.
Below you can see some more of the decorations in line with the theme!!
We had some delicious wine on the tables as well, which served as a good appetizer!!
Below you can see the label of the wine, it was from Boland Cellar and it was as 2016 Merlot!! This wine was a real hit and we enjoyed it a lot!! (Maybe a bit too much)
I was so busy to enjoy the evening that, I forgot to take photos of all the courses of our meal, but below is the main course, which was great as you can see on the photo below.
Below you can see some more of what the decorations look like, as well as some people on the dance floor.

The evening turned out to be a huge success, which was enjoyed by all, we really had a BALL!!

I hope you liked my posts as much as I enjoyed the event!!

All photos were taken by my with my iPhone, in Pretoria, South-Africa.

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Wow nice theme and I think it might be unforgettable experience! Thanks for sharing such great moment with us!


Yes, it was really great.

What a great event with such an awesome atmosphere and decoration! Cheeses and biscuits are my fav! Also, I like the color of the wine.

Yes. it really was a great evening.

life is,i hope that its your enjoy time.really very and your wife looks very caputuring very excellent shots photography.happy your holiday..i like your good photography skills.thanks to sharing for your great post and your good support.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you and your wife.all the best..

I love rynow brother and his waif my sister
Looking lovely my good wishes for you
I am paying for you you all always happy
My good bless for you

Amazing photo.Thanks for sharing it

Both of you looks beautiful and lovely dressed . Nice and quality photos

I really liked your message. Very nice holiday and useful business you do. Thanks for sharing.

Excellent photography. Life is a fun : really your photography is awesome. I like your post. Thank you for sharing with us "
Have a good day

A great holiday, these dishes and wine on your photos are simply delicious! Thank you @rynow

it looks like you had a great time there.

It was great.

that's very helpful post!!
thank you

wow this is really amazing

Wonderful photography
I gave you upvote and Resteemed your All post


Outstanding post and amazing photos. Thank you for sharing

You are welcome.


Fantastic Photography,,,
you are a great photographer, thanks for sharing..

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Both of you are looking so beautiful.
Just like made for each other @rynow sir.

please check out my post once


Thank you so much for the nice comment.

Thanks @rynow
Have a great day

images (94).jpg

very good shots, I like ... thank you for sharing.

what a moment!!!
very nice!
thanks for sharing

Great show, I like it!
I really like this post

Thank you.

amazing photography...the hill looking so beautiful.....i waiting for your next post..

No hill in my photos.


fabulous one.
Very nice i like it

Oh yes @rynow, it's a wonderful event, which pleases with delicious dishes and fine wine!

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Excellent photography : you are a great photographer. Thanks for share

Have a good day

Such a wonderful photography D :) friend @rynow
Thanks for share this post

pary hard boy, picture is awesome


A good initiative. Everything looks very beautiful and festive. You really are doing a good deed. Thank you for sharing.

She is beautiful.

May God bless you @rynow...
Very nice pics...

Hello @rynow,

Extraordinary good moment & incredible photography


Fantastic occasion under the darkness lights. Both of you handy and beauty there.

I hope you have raised a lot of money ... The thematic party looks great! I love!

Yes, it was great.

Wow! a good party to raise funds everything looks great all very nice I hope you have raised a lot for those children. Thank you for sharing with us.

Yes, it was amazing!!

Great celebration! The food, the drink and the decoration look great and the people who attended were very animated.

Have Fun dear

Waoo Enjoy dear sister beautifull place

So delicious food and beers...
Cheers !!!!!!@rynow

great feast, to give everything! I do not see a table like that in years! more than blessed are you sir

Looked like a large time! But no beer?

They had a bar, but I stuck to the wine, which was included in the dinner's price!!

Lovely dress wear couple. What beautiful moment of steam punk. Just so impressive.

Thank you.

Wow! such a wonderful photography. You are looking so beautiful " thank you for sharing with us

Thank you for the nice comment.

wow a good party to raise funds everything looks great all very nice I hope you have raised a lot for those children

You both are reflecting great and the appearance is amazingly eye-catching, and all these pictures reflects that this event was super successful and everyone have enjoyed every bit of it and in my opinion the lightings and how tables are decorated that is just amazing. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed both of you. 🙂

Yes, the evening was amazing.

Great to know that. Stay blessed. 🙂

Steampunk Winter Ball is craziness feelings happen moment to me. We can drink with delicious foods. Night light created romantic mood. Nice one.

Looks like a really amazing party.

The food looks absolutely delicious and I love all the decorations.

Glad you guys had a wonderful time and everything was a success.

Thank you, it really was great.


Cool to see both of you, looks a great evening was had by you both. I enjoy my wine a bit too much too sometimes, all for educational purposes of course hehe.

Thanks for the nice comment, anything goes for a good education!! LOL

Wow...You and wife really great looking like as king & queen. She's too young yet :) I guess both you spent romantic occasion @rynow.

Yes, it was a great evening together.


that's very helpful post!!
thank you.

Excellent photography : perfect click. Really you are looking so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us

Both of you are looking beautiful and the ambience of the party is great Tables are well decorated. Hopefully you had a lot of fun in party keep sharing @rynow

We really had a great day.

Excellent moment in your beautiful life. :)

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Your couple are looking very beautiful

Beautiful time both of your had there awesome to check that out so nice :)

I love that the party was themed, and you dressed according to the theme. Great!

This is wonderful thanks a lot for sharing.

This is awesome thanks a lot for sharing.

You are looking amazing thanks a lot for sharing.

wow rynow you have pretty Beautiful wife May God bless your Family 😍

Thank you so much.

This is really so cool,thanks a lot for sharing.

amanzing post..thank you

This is so cool have a great day dear.

@rynow - Sir they organized it so well... I like that environment... It's quiet beautiful & lovely... Nice photography Sir...


Thank you so much.

wow really very awesome post. thanks for sharing

This is really awesome thanks a lot for sharing.

This is simply superb.thanks dear.

This is amazing thanks a lot for sharing.

Wow what a fabulous party... for the pictures I imagine it was great.

Yes, we had an amazing evening.

This is so cool thanks a lot for sharing.

Thank you for the nice comment.

Amazing Couple.

Thank you.

Wow wonderful couple !

Thanks @rynow
Have a great day

Excellent party and nice photography.
100% like and resteem

wow.. nice post..thank you share with us

This is awesome,you had a great day.

A romantic experience & beautiful photography

Life is a fun..
Enjoy your time @rynow

Thank you we really enjoyed it.

nice couple & lovely experience with delicious meal @rynow

reteemed & upvoted

Supper fantastic looking lovely picture
I gave you upvote and Resteemed your post


What a beautiful night!

Supper fantastic photography I love your photographi

You are so beautiful sister
Great party day for you are your family
I gave you upvote and Resteemed your post

Very nice and beautiful pictures of rynow my good thinking for you

Rynow friend you are so beautiful
I gave you upvote and Resteemed your post

Ohh yes so beautiful picture rynow sister my good bless and my my good thinking for you

Great picture great party day
I gave you upvote and Resteemed your post

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Sister your pictures is so nice

Great day for rynow you


wow... @rynow ... nice post.. beautiful photography

cheers...have a nice day

i do upvote and resteem