VERIFY: Who gets the fee money when Arkansans pay their taxes online? - KTHV

in life •  9 months ago KTHV: LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Where does the money go? ... talking about a fee charged to Arkansas taxpayers if they choose to pay their taxes online. Taxes were due this month, and a lot of people rushed to pay on the web. This prompted a question ...Source

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Best sites to enter online sweepstakes and win! - Komando

Komando: And you better believe the hosts of online sweepstakes want your entry, as well as many others. They may be looking to increase their ... awareness, introduce consumers to a new product, or simply convince you to consider their product in the future.Source

GTA Online's free money bonus rolls over, Smuggler's Run gets twin perks - PC Gamer

PC Gamer: With Red Dead Redemption 2 due (on consoles) this Friday, GTA Online offers its players one last chance to earn double money on its western-themed bonus weapons. If ... yet to complete the Double-Action Revolver and Stone Hatchet kill challenges, ...and more ...Source

PayPal, Walmart Partner To Usher In A Cashless Future - Forbes

Forbes: The void that PayPal filled made online money transfers safe. Eventually eBay spun off PayPal. The digital money business had grown bigger and more important than online auctions. Inside eBay, the holding was not being fully valued. PayPal built the ...Source

Rafizi: Claims of money politics will backfire - The Star Online

The Star Online: KUALA LUMPUR: PKR deputy presidential hopeful Rafizi Ramli says allegations of money politics aimed at leaders supporting him will “only backfire”. He warned that such allegations raised during the ongoing party polls would not serve any good “as ...and more ...Source

This is the Best Online Bank in America. Here's Why - Money Magazine

Money Magazine: ... remember the last time you visited a bank branch? It may be time to move your money elsewhere. If you can forgo physical branches and embrace features such as mobile check deposit and online bill pay, you can avoid nearly all common banking fees.and more ...Source

Pakistan's 'penniless billionaires' expose money laundering frenzy - The Star Online

The Star Online: KARACHI (AFP): It took rickshaw driver Mohammad Rasheed a year to save 300 rupees (RM9.38) to buy his daughter a bike, so when he found three billion rupees had passed through an unused bank account in his name, he was stunned ... and scared.and more ...Source

'Think about the ignominy': Another dirty trick to extract money online - Devdiscourse

Devdiscourse: These days, an e-mail is landing to inboxes of e-mail users randomly with the subject something like this - ... ... 28-10-2018 09:00:34 Now we are really close. This is another innovative but dirty way crafted by ...Source

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