Manifesting your life. Part 2

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So in the first post I briefly touched on the subject of the power of suggestion and manifesting your dreams into reality. I had a bad 2019 and was trying to give myself some help staying in track and accomplishing my goals and be able to teach my daughters the secret of manifesting good things into your life. So on the dream board I put “buying a new car” and “paying off my credit card”. Both seemed impossible. I had a 6 month plan for paying off the credit card and then I was going to buy a car right after that.

To put this in prospective I was driving a 2002 Honda Civic with 200k miles on it. I took it to work everyday, hoping I just wouldn’t die. 😂😂 but seriously it made horrible sounds, like the tires were going to fall off. It kept over heating. I would constantly tell people the fears I had in my old car. Someone had mentioned someone on Facebook was trying to get rid of their lease, they had some bad fortune with their health and couldn’t drive the car. I didn’t think it would work out, but I tried for it when my car broke down for the final time and I got approved to take over his lease! I’m so happy! I just upgraded my ride by 17 years! From a 2002 to a 2019! And the lease is cheap!

I also just paid 1/3 of my credit card debt off! The dream board has been up for less than a month! What else is possible?! 🤔 think I’m going to write in big letters on the dream board “TRADE BITCOIN PROFESSIONALLY” that’s seriously next on my list!

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Congratulation! Always remember, everything is possible when you say it is. Nice car too.

Thanks and you’re right!

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Hey hey Patrick, my great bro.. Been a while since I've updated myself with your life progresses. Been so busy. Good to know that you got yourself a new car and clear of 1/3 of your credit card. I had lots of stress in the past with credit card debt especially also due to compulsive buying after some spaces left from the credit card after paying it off till my mom intervened one day. So I guess, the day, when you fully paid off all those credit card debt, you will feel a sense of relieve. However, it's not easy after that to have no extra borrowed cash to buy something new. Nowadays, my motto, if I have cash, then I'll buy it else I have to earn it. =) howdy partner.

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