" Treat People with Kindness "

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Treat people as you would love to be treated


Olivier and me went for a walk in a small forest not so far from our home. We discovered that lovely place by chance... and enjoyed the nature (and the silence) all around us (and yet, I have forgotten to take pictures!).

In this kind of small forest-park there are activities for children, this is why I am posing next to a fake castel.

Inside of this castel, a sentence : "Treat people with kindness"


I do believe that being kind to everyone, especially to violent and mean people is the right way to be.

Why to be kind ?

  • When you are kind, kindness is coming back to you. You attract that.
  • It appears that you are healthier when you are kinder !
  • You will feel happier.
  • You will have more self-confidence and love yourself more.
  • It will be easier to attract new friends or create social connection.
  • and probably much more !

And why more with mean people ?

I have studied psychology and since I am a kid I love to observe, listen and analyze.

Years after years, I have discovered that when someone insult or criticize, it speaks much more about the person itself than the person criticized.
So now, when someone will criticize you, analyze the situation and try to understand why the person is so mean... It's generally only coming from jealousy, insecurity, ego.

Theses people need to be loved, to gain self-confidence. They maybe don't have anyone positive in their life, and probably they don't have an easy life...

Mean people are "poor" people. So... The only present you can offer them is love.

Because love is the answer to everything.

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@roxane, so nice you are but why you do'nt vote for us ??

Being kind us a virtue, although some senseless people see it as being weak,but kindness is a proof of strength..

Recently I met someone who wasn't nice to me back then in the university,he was stranded because he lost his wallet. Although he felt embarrassed when he saw me because he was always feeling on top of the world. Not only did I pay his tfare, I gave him extra money to get home. He later got home, gave me a call and apologized for being rude to me years ago

I believe kindness could kill rudeness...the more we are kind the more people around us would be the same..
You look like the princess from the game super Mario :)

I always follow you ..👉💕like you share your comments on each post but you have no answer😪

Love and kindness are the most powerful social forces on Earth. Their benefector should not undermine their source!!

and if someone goes opposite kill them with kindness lol :D