🌎 Global Smurfs Day 🔔

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Today Monday 25th of June is a big day, why ?

Because today is the Global Smurf Day , yeah thats right !

Global Smurf day is being celebrated around the world every 25th of June , actually that day is the birthday of their creator P. Peyo,🙏Bio

Smurf made their first appearnce at 23th of Octomber 1958 at Spirou & Fantasio a Fraco-Belgian comic book , but they became popular here in Greece at 80's from the TV series at Greek National TV (ERT)

*I still remember my weekend mornings back when i was 8yrs old taking my breakfast and watching Smurfs ! Still have the taste & the smell of croissant & milk *

Greek Version Intro

English Version Intro

The word “smurf” is the original Dutch translation of the French "schtroumpf", which, according to Peyo, is a word invented during a meal with fellow cartoonist André Franquin, when he could not remember the word salt.[1]

Stop being Salty ! 🤣

This is how Smurfs look like back in 1958


And this is how they look today


Ofc as a OG (Original Geek) since my childhood i was big fun of their video game at my legendary Atari 2600 with the powerful central processing unit at 1.19MHz & the 128 bytes RAM



I really miss a lot these days,because i believe in some way i have attached them with the innocent years of my childhood with all my beloved ones walking on this earth 🙏... but enough with the drama!

I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past post! Leave a comment bellow if i woke up any memories of yours !

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I used to love the smurfs, but then I released they are a communist propaganda. Yes, this post should have been flagged. :)


Did they brain washed you ? and you adopt communism ideology ? I bet no :) but we had an awesome childhood ! ,and is part of our childhood memorys!


Απο του Μαο τα δοντια γλιτωσα , ευτυχως ... :)

Μια απο τις πιο παλιες και πιο εντονες αναμνησεις τις παιδικης μου ηλικιας ειναι μια θεατρικη παρασταση που ειδα με στρουμφακια.

Thanks for the memories ... :)





Παναθεμα σε συγκινήθηκα!


1 of the 6 word definitions to smurf someone is a verb of NSFW connotation.... drop by COM cock room when you get a chance :D

Smurfs are communist propaganda. I should have flagged this post.


Propaganda or not , they failed brain wash me as many others !How do i know ? I don't like the idea, and being part of cryptos for a long long time i guess i can guaranty that ! 😎 You didn't watch the series on your childhood ??


Shut up you fucking commie!

on a serious note, this game has really neat graphics for an atari 2600 game!


true true ! still got my Atari , i just missing some ROM's xD