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in life •  18 days ago

I have a lot of dreams in my pocket; defeated newborn baby innocence

Lean, pure and infinite.

And here it is. It's never possible to get together.

Too many people moved away from each other. But none is brave. They're real players.

He lost too much memory. Everything that posed together in the lens is already gone. I don't care who she is, not her.

In the end, the players around the hero are the stolen scenarios of the stolen roles.

I am a loyal player of my original script, but I learned that it was a crime. Oh, stupid ...

Sometimes I'm an actor, trying to infiltrate even though I've never been caught.

There's a lot going on. The more stuff he collects, the more full they are. You should also empty a trash can. I have a lot of unnecessary data hidden in my mind. Brief information pollution.

Everything can be in memory; Who do I know or what I see and what I learn.

My brain is full and neurons. I'm still compressing all unnecessary data.

The system will crash crashed.

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