Vicious circle

in life •  14 days ago

A lot of stars dazzle us at night and we can be friends with shining stars.

A meteor storm in past times and our generation is not difficult. Despite our easy disappearance, our souls, our hearts take a lot of damage and can be impossible. Sometimes we find compensation for the wounds we receive and hurt our lives, sometimes we like us; Somehow, we are actually the prisoners of our time's ego. The aggressive instinct in us sometimes drives us away. And the rings can be joined and connected. We also looked at; successive irreparable distortions. This arrangement: what they say; 'Take a hair of the dog that bit you.'

How badly we have destroyed the mechanism of abandonment in the mechanism, when we split up, seven of us; who we love: who we love; despite the likelihood of liking or liking bile; We're moving away from us. Maybe the feeling of anger and collapse within us will not be hurt or hurt.

You should be given the chance; Knowing does not help. Maybe we're afraid of ourselves, loving or being loved. In fact, in relation to this sense of trust: I am doing the same logic or illogical relationships, new possibilities. When the pain of the injured heart never passes, new wounds occur in the innocent hearts.

And such a vicious circle is blocking many things. OK, it's not easy to trust, but it's really hard to find what you really deserve. The same song that constantly rotates the same plate and plays it over and over again. In a sense, this song is part of our lives and they are all under control.

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