A Definition of Wealth—“An Accumulation of Happy Thoughts”

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This image of a meditation chair for two is # 1 of a series of seven (7) images I am calling "Wealth Garden". While visiting with the owners of this rich, lush, and colorful private home garden and enjoying gourmet tea and fig cookies, my friends who created this lovely garden told me that their definition of "Wealth" is "An Accumulation of Happy Thoughts". After spending time in their garden with my camera, I have come to completely agree with them. None of these images have been processed or filtered. Share this with someone you think needs some "Happy Thoughts" today.

This image of a "Welcome Dog" is image # 2 of my "Wealth Garden" series. This home garden is full of little animal statues amid the plants, flowers and greenery.

This is image # 3 of my "Wealth Garden" series. It is a collection of owls in a corner of this whimsical and quiet private retreat in the City of Vancouver.

This "Boy Playing a Flute" is image # 4 in my "Wealth Garden" series. Music is a universal source of "Happy Thoughts" and totally fitting for this very pleasing garden.

This assortment of musical chimes add a fairy tale ambiance to the "Wealth Garden" and is image # 5 in the series.

Of course, for this to be an outstanding garden, we need flowers. This image of rich red flowers is image # 6 in our "Wealth Garden" series.

My favorite photographic subject is the Bald Eagle. This statue of a Bald Eagle in my friend's garden is image # 7 and the final image in my "Wealth Garden" series.

Share this with someone you think needs some "Happy Thoughts" today.

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly." - Buddha
I hope this post gives you reason to have some "Happy Thoughts" today.
Have a great weekend!

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