Bouncing back is truly the comforting feeling for things gone wrong. Sometimes when things goes wrong, it’s just an opportunity to make things right, nature might be so kind to some people and gives them the chances to make things right over and over again and that’s why they always bounce back , that’s why they can always stand up on their feet after falling face first to the ground.

And truly as you’ve expressed in your writeup, sometimes when bouce back is impossible then new approach is to be inculcated.

And this has brought me to say crypto will definitely bouce back.

I love the analogy here.. how you compare crypto to the relationship with your wife and you are right.. bouncing back can just return you to a state rather than progress and better things. I've never thought of it that way before.

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It is interesting how much we tend to just let things slide over time. I don't know if I would call it bouncing back as much as I would consider it just burying it until it all finally boils to the top at a later date and you have to confront it and actually sit down and have the hard conversations about it. It is freeing when you can finally get all of the things you have been pushing down out in the open though. If you are both able to move forward together after that, so much the better. If not, you were at least finally being honest. It's tough all around though. Good luck!

I agree no more bouncing back but consistent building on what we have and just slowly growing would be ideal.I am sure it will happen over time.

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