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What images shall be constructed
in the space between the seen & the future -
brought forth to our eyes
from realms few accept as real?

What blueprints shall be drawn
for the contents of time flowing our way -
structures forming our world
birthed through seeds of intention
harmonized with imagination -
each stroke with the ink of spirit
crafting tomorrow's presents,
as an expression of now?

What wizardry might be practiced,
slipping between dimensions of the known
to embrace the essence of the dynamic soul -
allowing its expansion
to find solstice in our re-creation -
shifting the veil of the past
to reveal what is chosen?

What of the miraculous may be invited
through the dissolution of boundary
separating the possible & the perceived -
the angelic gifting beautiful transformation
through our fingertips,
as silent words roll off our closed lips,
prayer spoken & received
with the coming into awareness
we are they?

What magic might be witnessed
in stepping beyond the clock -
guiding the growth of gardens
with disappearance of division
between thought & vision -
observing the unobservable,
building the sight of days head
with the breath of life -
the scent of destiny's wonder
seducing the soul?

Directing our play with
the extension of presence into possibility -
the soundtrack of our most sacred hours
fueling the ascension to stillness,
from which frames of ourselves unfolding
are frozen into time...

Silence stimulating evolution,
all becomes hollow -
with blessing of Godliness
hidden in our slumber -
discovering through awakening -
awe returns,
finding what is ours to fill -
hearing our heart's calling
to radiate the wealth of mastery...

Weaving, with power,
the shape of what lies in front -
the mind interlocking fragments of nothing
into everything...

The mystery of infinity
open to mold with complete artistry -
sculpting the moments of our lives
with carelessness or precision,
the refinement of focus
bringing forth clarity of the desired,
crystalizing through the opening
or a third eye...

Summoning with grace,
what is to come -
piecing together the elements of dreams
for their realization
in the space between moments...

Contexts shifting,
giving way to fresh perspectives -
inspiration uncovered,
clearing for the conscious to create...

What will emerge through the gateway of
vision into the timeless,
alignment with the spirit,
and the selection of their fruits?


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An imaginary gap between the present and future.atimes i ask myself why do my perspectives and context of things keeping changing,i do agree with u that life is dynamic and time is miraclelous...we keep drawing different pictures of the future.
A captivating and thoughtful post,it was nice reading it this morning. thanks @sivante

the order of words that you arrange in your poetry verses has a value of deep understanding. actually I also love poetry but I have never assembled English poetry because of the difficulty in finding the right words.

The level of imagination is too damn high and the usage of the words is also too deep. All the stanzas are beautiful and deep but these lines actually got some high level

Weaving, with power,
the shape of what lies in front -
the mind interlocking fragments of nothing
into everything...

Brilliant stuff <3


Quantum physics, man...

What’s in front of us...? A Quantum soup of energy - an infinite sea of fields, simultaneously compressed into an atomic singularity - from which what we see is brought into form through us, through the tranceiving apparatus of our brain-body-genetic vehicles.

I dunno if it’s so much “imagination, as much as merely higher levels of perception... ;-)

Me encanta tu post, me gusta esta frase "Tejiendo, con poder, la forma de lo que se encuentra al frente - la mente entrelazando fragmentos de nada en todo" la mente es capaz de todo, el ser humano es una hermosa creacion, con inmensas e infinitas posibilidades, solo falta un poco mas de fe. ..
I love your post, I like this phrase "Weaving, with power, the shape of what is at the front - the mind intertwining fragments of nothing in everything" the mind is capable of everything, the human being is a beautiful creation, with immense and infinite possibilities, only a little more faith is missing.
Les deseo...

What images shall be constructed
in the space between the seen & the future

This piece left me wondering how creative you doubt, you really captured my imagination and made my mind rival thoughts in seconds.
You left me with imagination! Indeed I wish to read more.


I dunno if it’s so much that I am creative, as much as merely that I’ve tapped into the creative flow from time to time and channeled some of it down through written form... ;-)

(And, this is an older one, written during a period where I might have been doing regular work with some psychedelics - which surely would have facilitated tapping into that flow.)


Lol...following you on steemit has taught me many things. You dont know how good you are till someone gives you a rating. Do you really like human science?


What do you mean exactly by “human science?”


The science of human beings sort of human biology


Biology is only one piece of the puzzle...

Brain/neuros science, brainwaves - and hence, physics, chemistry, genetics, psychology... much wisdom dropped in eastern philosophies, esoteric mysteries schools of alchemy and astrology, quantum mechanics...

The human being cannot really be understood in isolation without drawing from all these fields (and more)...


Wow! Thats great! Perhaps thats where you tap your knowledge from... knowledge is limitless though

Image is always the key to demonstrate the creation. It most signifies what is happening and the outlook of things. Thanks for the knowledge