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When I was in high school, I've never thought of being independent and to live far away from my family. I've only thought that it would be secure if I will be there by their side, going to the college institute nearby.

When I was in my last year in high school, we were introduced to a school that takes half day to travel with a bus trip. It is the institute I currently attend to - MSU IIT. My classmates and I was encouraged because some of my teachers was once a student there. However, I doubt myself. Then it came to a point my grandmother (I loved her so much. She is so kind and no favoritisms but she's gone 4 years ago ) told me to follow my cousins there. I didn't know that they studied there. I then actually just smiled and said that I want to be a Nun. She laughed out loud and so do I. Hahaha But I took the entrance exam and as what I've expected, I got a low average score. I'm not good in academics 'coz I am too lazy to study back then. However I still have the opportunity to enroll. Before the school year ends, I've heard that my two classmates will enroll there and I still don't have the decisions yet. I told my Mother about this and she let me to decide. So I enrolled myself there with my preffered course.

I was with my classmate when I travelled. She had relatives there so I told her if can I stay for a while with her since my cousins just returned to their hometown. When we arrived, we were welcomed by her relatives. They were nice. But the place was so quiet. It feels like you'll be having an eardrum problem. I'm not used to it.

Being far away with your loved ones or family and living a life in a dormitory was not just quite but a challenge for me. At first, you'll be having trouble in engaging different people with different personalities. Sometimes you are just afraid to acquaint with them and show your true self because you think you will be judged and on events like acquaintance party it feels like you do not belong and your world is different from them. It is not just about the people but also the longingness for a family when in times of need. When you are sick and tired, and feeling low.

However being far away from home is an opportunity. It will somehow change you. Your perspective in life and what you really wanted in the present and in the future. You will learn so many things. You will know how to adopt your surroundings and how to engage with different people. It is a big platform for you to be mature, independent, and strong person.

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