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Expressing ones political ideas through the clothes one puts on is absolute nonsense, but strangely enough works wonders to those who are convinced that by wearing something different, or out of the ordinary, makes in a certain way, a political statement? from my point of view you can go walking down the street naked if you wish, but that will never change the political structure of our society, the 60s with its long hair, colourful clothes, mini skirt and drugs for all, the 70s with its anti-social punk revolution, even the skinheads, but that's another story, will never change anything whatsoever (and it didnt), I would even go to say that as the years go by things are even getting worse, because let's be honest if somebody needs to act or dress in a certain way (exterior) without changing one's own outlook and mental understanding of why, and for what reason things are the way they are (interior) and on an intellectual bases try to start to change this world, then we should all dress up as clowns or whatever, it doesn't really matter, because if fashion is a way of expressing oneself then weve all got big problems, fashion has only one aim, and that is to uniform and make people look alike, its to say, making people feel they belong to something when in reality it destroys all personal expression, because when one is young, to be the odd sheep out isnt an option, your either in or your out.


(Uniforms - google)

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This is food for thought! Honestly, i tend to your agree with you for the most part. Fashion maneuvers are utterly ineffective.


Quite right