"Father" - A ballad and poem (in remembrance)(photos from the Navy, Korean War, 1957) [original]

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May this post bring him light and peace, on the other side. And may his living relations find comfort and joy by this piece. May all your dreams be mysterious, and wondrous, and full of stories...



[Original Poem by Robyn Eggs]


Rain falls from Father's face

Pain ripples 'round

And I'd give anything to erase

The years upon his face

And his heavy trod, upon the ground


Rain falls from Father's face

Feeds the ground

And life springs with grace

Its body decked with lace

And joy draped 'round


Wind blows through Father's hair

Tangling him, distorting the world

Causing him to wear

Causing him to tear

And fear unfurled


Wind blows through Father's hair

Blowing away his sorrow

Taking away all care

Stripping all evil bare

And blowing woes, into the 'morrow


Snow drapes Father's head

Freezing him through and through

Rendering him cold and dead

Weighing him down like lead

And drowning him in its sloe


Snow drapes Father's head

Covering him in purity

Healing his wounds of red

Wetting the body, which bled

And blending him for security



Dedicated to all of us who have lost Fathers, Mothers, children, spouses, or anyone near and dear...

Dad 1957

Dad 1957

That's my Dad, on the left. He joined the Navy right away, and set off for a whirlwind of adventure that would make for many, epic stories to come. He was in the Korean War. Photos are from 1957.

Dad 1957

Being that my Dad was 22 years older than my Mother, he was always mysterious. He had led the majority of his life, before I was even born. I had always wondered, what that might have felt like, or looked like, or been.

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