Drink water to burn FAT

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When it comes to burning fat or losing weight, a lot of people go about it in all sorts of over complicated ways. One of by far the easiest ways you can boost your metabolism EFFORTLESSLY on a daily basis is to just drink more water. Whenever I've sat in a consultations with clients who interested in losing weight one of the first question I ask is "How much water do you drink?".
Here's how it works: just for you to be alive your body is burning calories to keep your normal bodily functions running smoothly and to maintain your core temperature. Our core temperature is around 37 degrees C, so when you drink a cool glass of water your body is going to raise its' metabolism because its having to work a little harder to maintain your core temperature. Imagine throwing ice cubes on a big fire, the more ice that gets thrown on, the more fuel the fire is going to use in order to keep burning. So to put that into context rather than taking on calories which could be potentially stored as fat they are being used up to maintain our core temperature while the water we drink has a cooling affect on our bodies.

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That said I'm not suggesting you drop your computer right now and start downing pint after pint of water, bad idea. All I'm saying is you need to take care of your hydration a little better. You can easily tell if you are dehydrated or not by the colour of your urine. If your urine doesn't appear transparent and colourless like water, then you are probably dehydrated. Here's a handy chart you can take a look at as a rough guide.

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On the top side apart from being hydrated and drinking more water to help you raise your metabolism to burn more fat, the benefits to being hydrated are endless, such as improving your concentration, warding off headaches and making you feel more energised throughout the day. So go away right now, and have a glass of water!

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This reminds me of something I have always done to curve hunger and eat less .... I should make a video of it but here is the basics .....

You take a plastic bottle of water and slam it ... I mean SLAM IT ... squeeze it forcing yourself to drink it quickly.

What this does is hydrates you with no harm whatsoever and makes you feel full for a period of time. For a man it is suggested to drink like 8 bottles of water a day anyway ... just thought I would share a little trick :)

Neat trick @fat-like-buddha, Another thing you can could also try is smashing down watermelon, or any kind of fibrous fruit of vegetable with your water. This will make you feel as full as possible with food that is lowest in calorie density, so you'll still be able to enjoy having some energy plus feeling full :)

Really helpful post. Definitely don't drink enough water myself, so maybe i'll have to start drinking more. Thanks for the tips. :)

' welcome :)

It is so simple yet so many people don't understand that losing weight isn't that difficult. Drink water, don't eat garbage, stay active. Boom! Easy as that. Thanks for the post.

really ... but it's SOOO hard for so many, lol, Hell, we can't even come up with a consensus on the definition of 'Common Sense". /sadness

I don't mean to sound liek a dick, but I think you can agree that most people are weak. They don't like to get out of their comfort zone. Plus, we've all been brainwashed to believe that eating massive amounts of sugar and drinking alcohol like its a job is okay. Nobody practices moderation anymore. Excess, excess, excess.

In the West, we are born into an instant gratification society (particularly the younger generation), so when people don't see results immediately then they are quick to give up.

True! Isn't it fascinating how we have several holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) solely dedicated to consuming massive amounts of sugar. Sugar is a far worse drug than heroin, meth, crack because it kills you slowly over time and you don't even suspect a thing. All these corporations want to do is steal your money.

I agree, I think a lot of people refuse to step out of their comfort zone. It is when you step out that you make the most progress. As a fitness competitor and addict, I have learned that motivation, dedication, determination and consistency are the four most important aspects for health. Moderation, moderation, moderation :)


Nice! You look great. Frank Zane is my hero. What circuit do you compete on? It looks like you're physique. Natty?

comfort zone, lmao ... i call it lazy zone ... so many folks just sit on ass and eat garbage ...period, I have nvr and will nvr have a gut, much less be overweight, life is to short for that crap. (Also no trying to be a dick)
@56 a little out of shape but not bad ..

I agree. It's the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

I couldn't agree more

Love this post and totally agree - as a fitness and health addict, I stand behind you in the science of drinking water. To even enhance a speedier metabolism, I drink 8 oz first thing when I wake up - then proceed with 2 TBS of apple cider vinegar and 1 TBS lemon heated up. That does the trick :)

Props to you :)

thank you :)

how tryth is the article you post!!! i drink aboyt 3 lt water in the day ,when i do not drink water I eat much more!!!