Honoring one of the most impressive and important women in my life

in #life2 years ago

Since I can remember, Grandma has always been super active. On a lot of fronts. Both in the Norwegian People's Aid, the Pensioners' Union, Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees, and the Labor Party.

Although she has passed 80 years of age, walks with a walker and limps a bit, she still gets on the bus down to her meetings to meet people again. Fortunately, she has now acquired a new hearing aid, because we all had to talk too loudly to her for a while (now she complains that we talk too loud, haha, lovely).

After we all lost Grandpa, I think it was also important for her to have something meaningful to fill her days. Something that meant something. Whether it was making waffles on May 1st (the Labor day in Norway) or whatever it might be.

It makes me proud to see how much her eyes bright up when she tells old stories about her work. Or when I visit her and see that she has hung up articles of when I am in the newspaper, have won a competition, or something similar. She understands neither blockchain nor my job, but she is glad I am involved and she is also very happy when she hears about the work I have done for students throughout my studies.

I don't know if engagement is hereditary, but of course you get inspired by witnessing it. And now she has been honored with a gold needle and diploma for 40 years in the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees, my mum sent me pictures of the happening and said that grandma trembled a little in awe of the ceremony. This also makes me proud.

Congratulations so much, Grandma. You're one of the toughest ladies I know of. Your golden boy is very fond of you!



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