VLog #20 - 30 Days of Green Smoothies Day #9 Update

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In this video I am going to talk about our 30 days of green smoothies challenge as well as give you guys an update on how things are going so far.

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We are at Day #9 and still going strong.

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Great video @robinhaney!

I've been trying a few green smoothies but I cannot stick to them. Maybe I should do such a challenge like you guys are doing as well :-P

I have a Omega juicer and I juice one small bag of organic carrots in the morning and if I miss a couple of days you really feel it. I use the Organic small bag from walmart because they are sweeter than Non ORG. Also I grow diacon radish micro's inside in 6days they are ready! maybe my vids should be about that !
Thank You Robin for the inspiration keep the vids coming !!

Smoothies are cool bdw the background of your rooms looks so damn good man.. it took me over smoothies ;)

that would be the girlfriends decorating :p hahah.

Amazing though :)

Wow...i appreciate this life......i like this post sharing......

very nice great video congras ı follow you allways robinhaney (58
and thanks Dtube

Saya cuma bisa menonton saya. Mungkin untuk ide belum ada disaat ini,saya juga membutuhkan waktu untuk sebuah ide

Hey @robinhaney , this is awesome video at day 9 , u are really going strong. Thanks for the update , waiting for more updates.

I've been getting into drinking smoothies in the morning - I like those a lot.