Climbing the Right Tree

in #life4 years ago

No one asks for difficult days. But with each one, you’ve been learning more and more about living from the tree of life, rather than the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Consuming from the tree of knowledge means determining the value of everything and everyone you encounter on your own, relying only on your intellect, experience, and judgments.

Eating from the tree of life means living intentionally from God's presence. It's responding to your circumstances in awareness of His Spirit, looking to Him for truth and meaning in your experiences, and grace and growth in your relationships.

When you have a bad moment, or a bad day, it’s so important to know that’s okay. You’re okay. A negative experience needs to be acknowledged and dealt with, but it doesn’t get to take over your mindset and damage your physical, mental, and spiritual health for days, weeks, months, or even longer.

No matter what’s happened, with all the intentionality your heart still has, focus on listening for God's view of your circumstances, and how He sees you. That’s where you’ll find your tree of life today. As you rest at that tree, you can see that though it seems you've been taking a step back for every two or three steps forward lately, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Just the opposite, in fact. That step back is just what you’ve needed to stay in awareness of God's presence, peace, and strength, and will guide you to choose your next steps well, and genuinely enjoy each one.

God’s tree of life for you is a continual invitation to all the grace, wisdom, strength, faith, hope, and love you need to deal with the difficult days. It’s there, in your heart, to heal what’s been broken, and grow your awareness of Jesus, and His astounding view of you and all that’s possible in your life today.

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