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Everything we do is 100% free and available for download. This is only possible due to wonderful people who support us financially. That’s why we make no compromise. We post what we think is relevant, when we want to, where we want to, without being influenced by anything or anyone. That’s a huge power to posses in today’s trade-based world where everyone is forced to prostitute themselves or the work they do. But this comes at a huge cost when you are not properly financed since it is impossible to do anything in this world without financial support. We are far off from what we need in terms of financial support and this causes a lot of stress and uncertainty for this project. The good news is that if most who know about TROM would donate a few bucks a month we would run this project without a problem. Every donation adds up and counts! Note: Right now all the money goes to me (Tio) – I created TROM in 2011 and currently I manage most of the project for which I work full time (no weekends, no breaks). My goal is to get enough financial support to be able to make my work sustainable and then financially help other people who are volunteering for TROM.

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