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Hello everyone,

Social fear represents a vicious circle that's hard to break. Initially, it arises from a fear of crowds, a reticence towards others, a nervousness when socializing. This apprehension leads us to gradually withdraw, and the more we withdraw, the greater this fear becomes. What started out as a small hurdle becomes an insurmountable mountain as time goes by.

Finding a job, meeting new people - these are challenges that should seem innate to us, sociable individuals destined to converse, share and associate. Yet we're stuck, unable to feel satisfaction, powerless to break through that barrier to the outside world that now seems antagonistic.

Some individuals may express a preference for solitude, but often this choice is not deliberate; rather, it is dictated by circumstances. Balance in life requires both social interaction and moments of solitude. Being alone, even when our social circle is well established, can be an opportunity for regeneration, personal growth and the acquisition of experience. However, when this solitude becomes oppressive and impairs our ability to bond with others, it becomes an unbearable burden.

Think of someone who has a large fortune but is unable to spend it. Similarly, what's the point of having acquired skills if we're unable to put them into practice in the real world, out of fear or anxiety?

The key to overcoming these anxieties and phobias lies in gradual confrontation. It's not a question of blindly throwing yourself in, but rather of making small daily steps forward. It's a bit like climbing a staircase: one step today, two tomorrow. Gradually, we familiarize ourselves, adjust, and that anxiety loses its intensity.

It's time to stop legitimizing our irrational fears. We need to understand each other, become familiar with ourselves, and move forward. Our existence is not meant to stand still, but to progress. Take care of yourself, and may tranquility accompany you.

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