Useless information #66 – David Lynch’s weather reports

in #life7 years ago

David Lynch doesn’t think he’s weird.

For me the right word is “peculiar”

66 lynch.jpg

There are funny and intriguing stories about him but today I found this one that I was not aware of.

“He used to give random weather reports on the radio and his YouTube channel for no reason whatsoever.”

That's a free spirit!

See you tomorrow for more "Useless information"


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Hahahaha LOL; this made my day already; great info and act from one great director. Thanks for the post!

glad you liked it. Are you considering doing the same? ahahah

maybe? who knows :)

@rmach ReSteemed for the great Laugh I still have!

He used to give them daily of his Twitter site too! I used to love em'!!

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