May be not...

in #life5 years ago (edited)


We take birth to live...may be not, by every passing day we get closer to die.
We earn to make a living...may be not, with the piling up lies behind our livelihood we are making a horrible death for us.
We get older to help our elders and society...may be not, we sulk and seek help like children as we grow older.
We fall in love to prove that we have a heart that can care...may be not, we cheat, fake and pretend in the guise of love.
We give birth to give good humans to society...may be not, we give birth to a reason to live for.
We are here to save our planet...may be not, we screw every chance of life for future generations day by day.
We practice humble living and always wish good for others...may be not, we only preach.
We are never going to change and alter ourselves from all the wrong doings...MAY BE NOT! We will try atleast now.

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