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in #life5 years ago (edited)

So, this cold evening, when the first spoonful of cold dinner was on my tongue, my insanely dramatic mind asked me this, teasingly - "are you happy now?"

The day started early, with a long list of official and personal tasks in hand. The moment I finished lacing up my new black shoes rather the so called new black shoes ( bought online last week, delivered yesterday, took me a while to find good spots on it to make myself believe that these are new.) I acknowledged that demands for the day would be high on my mental and physical reserves. So, this list is of 16 tasks. Very well made, clearly distinguished in terms of personal and official categories and order of place and time. And, the clear clue was that I should go to the bank first. For two reasons, one it is 21 miles to the other side of the town. Two, the meeting with the bank manager is scheduled at 10:00 am. So far so good. I was at the bank, in fact, at the manager's cabin, then it rang out of nowhere. My phone, my mom called. I looked at the manager, he is waiting for me with the day's first smile. I wished him with my eyes first. Then, gestured that I will attend the call and return in five minutes. Mom called me to remind me of the medicines I need to get for her. But, when she suddenly switched the topic about my dad and her dissent for him, I ended the call abruptly, assuring a call back after 15 minutes. But, to my utter surprise the manager is not in his cabin. I enquired and was informed that an impromptu meeting started and would take 20 minutes. I waited for that 20 minutes to over for almost a hour. The calls started pouring on me from people related to other tasks. All sorts of call, Waiting, postponing, preponing, cancelling, etc. Finally, the manager comes but only to tell that he is supposed to be at the head office by the afternoon. I can literally see all my tasks unattended. Determined, to finish at least few tasks in the remaining day, I started from the bank. But by the evening I realized how a small thing like a call can shift the entire course of action. Out of 16 tasks, I could only finish the task of medicines for my mom.

Now, sitting in front of my parents having the cold dinner (fixing the oven was on the list too) listening to the complaints on each other. I can see the medicines working, for that I have seen mom smiling while complaining about my dad. Suddenly, the food in my mouth felt warm, may be for the time it was on my tongue. I swallowed it with a smile and replied to my mind - " yes I'm happy."

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